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Zein Marwan

Jurassic Survival: The Ultimate Dinosaur Survival Experience

Jurassic Survival: How to Survive in a World of Dinosaurs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where dinosaurs are alive and roaming around? If you are a fan of survival games and dinosaur adventures, then you should check out Jurassic Survival, a popular mobile game that lets you experience this thrilling scenario.

Jurassic Survival is an open-world survival game where you have to hunt, collect resources, craft items, build shelters, and fight against hungry giant dinosaurs. You can also tame some dinosaurs and use them as your allies or mounts. You can play solo or team up with other players to build a common village and raid the most dangerous beasts.

jurassic survival

Jurassic Survival is a fun and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours. You will never get bored as there are always new challenges and discoveries waiting for you. However, surviving in this game is not easy. You will need some tips and tricks to help you out. Here are some basic and advanced tips for beginners and experts alike.

Basic Tips for Beginners

If you are new to Jurassic Survival, here are some basic tips that will help you get started.

How to collect resources and craft items

One of the first things you need to do in Jurassic Survival is to collect resources such as wood, stone, grass, berries, meat, water, etc. You can find them scattered around the island or by killing animals and dinosaurs. You can also loot chests and crates that contain useful items.

You will need these resources to craft items such as weapons, armor, tools, food, medicine, etc. To craft items, tap on the crafting icon at the bottom-center of the screen. You will see a list of items that you can craft. Hold down on an item to see what materials you need and how many you have. Tap on an item to craft it.

You can also upgrade your crafting skills by leveling up your character. You will earn experience points by completing tasks, killing enemies, exploring locations, etc. When you level up, you will unlock new items that you can craft.

How to build a shelter and defend yourself

Another important thing you need to do in Jurassic Survival is to build a shelter where you can store your items, rest, and protect yourself from the elements and enemies. To build a shelter, tap on the building icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. You will see a list of structures that you can build such as walls, floors, doors, windows, chests, beds, etc.

You will need building materials such as wood, stone, metal, etc. to build structures. You can also upgrade your structures by using more materials and tools. To place a structure, drag it from the list to the desired location on the ground. You can rotate, move, or delete a structure by tapping on it.

You will need a shelter to defend yourself from the attacks of dinosaurs and other players. You can also place traps, spikes, turrets, etc. around your shelter to deter intruders. You can also craft weapons such as spears, bows, guns, etc. to fight back. You can equip weapons by tapping on them in your inventory and then tapping on the weapon slot at the top-left corner of the screen.

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How to tame dinosaurs and use them

One of the most exciting features of Jurassic Survival is that you can tame some dinosaurs and use them as your allies or mounts. To tame a dinosaur, you will need to feed it with its favorite food. You can find out what food a dinosaur likes by tapping on it and looking at its info. You can also craft special baits that attract certain dinosaurs.

Once you have fed a dinosaur enough times, it will become your friend and follow you around. You can also give it a name and a collar. You can ride some dinosaurs by tapping on them and then tapping on the ride icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen. You can also command your dinosaurs to attack or stay by tapping on them and then tapping on the action icons at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Dinosaurs can help you in many ways. They can carry your items, fight for you, gather resources for you, etc. They can also provide you with eggs, milk, wool, etc. However, you will need to take care of your dinosaurs by feeding them, healing them, and protecting them from harm.

Advanced Tips for Experts

If you are an expert in Jurassic Survival, here are some advanced tips that will help you master the game.

How to explore hidden dungeons and find rare loot

Jurassic Survival is not just about surviving on the surface. There are also hidden dungeons that you can explore and find rare loot. Dungeons are dark and dangerous places that are filled with traps, puzzles, enemies, and bosses. You will need a torch or a flashlight to see in the dark. You will also need weapons, armor, medicine, etc. to fight your way through.

To enter a dungeon, you will need to find its entrance on the map. Some entrances are visible while others are hidden or locked. You may need to solve a riddle or find a key to access some dungeons. Once you enter a dungeon, you will see a map that shows your location and the exit. You will also see icons that indicate chests, enemies, traps, etc.

You can explore dungeons at your own pace or join a raid with other players. Raids are timed events that require teamwork and coordination. You will have to complete a series of objectives and defeat a boss within a limited time. If you succeed, you will get rewards such as coins, gems, items, etc.

How to team up with other players and build a village

Jurassic Survival is more fun when you play with other players. You can team up with other players and build a common village where you can share resources, items, dinosaurs, etc. You can also chat with other players and make friends or enemies.

To team up with other players, you will need to join or create a clan. A clan is a group of players who have a common name, logo,




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