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Maverick Bell
Maverick Bell

Michel Thomas Method Speak Japanese ##BEST## Downloads Torrent

MT method is brillant. I have learned easily english, spanish and german with michel thomas in one year . Im a french native speaker and today im able to speak three languages thanks to his method. MT method is one of the greatest ever. i have learned with it, what i have not been able to learn during many high scool year. I dont know how good it is at arabic , russian and chinese, but for french, english, spanish and german its just wonderful. it is Far better than the crappy language learning in the "modern" classroom or other methods like ( rosetta stone, tell me more, Assimil....). I hope all that resentment is not because because a publisher did not answer your request. Or you just want to promote rocketlanguages ? Not recommanding Michel thomas ? Are you kidding me ? There are so many good testimonies about it everywhere around the world. what you learn in 15 hours with michel thomas, you cant learn it even if you live with a native speaker during 2 weeks. He is building the Core of the language, he gives you the keys to master the language. Dude you really got a problem. You can say its not 100% perfect, of course, by not recommanding this awesome method is really really bad. Thumb down.

Michel Thomas Method Speak Japanese Downloads Torrent

tried various language learning course in spanish while on the basic spanish course i was fine but as soon as i went on to the intermediate level i got totally lost and gave up a friend gave me the michel thomas spanish cds and all i can say is amazing i cannot put the cds down and i will be going on to the advance level soon for some reason it works for me at school i was in a class for slow learners and was told i would not be learning a foreign language because i would have enough with english i can only speak as i have found personaly.

Also you spoke about listening comprehension (aka the most dull and tedious paet of learning a foreign language). Again I disagree. A child doesn't learn their mother tongue by being forced to try and comprehend every word their mother says. She speaks to the baby/child in words they can understand, and that's what Michel Thomas does. Of course listening comprehension plays a part, and of course grammer rules play a part, but you are not going to become fluent by doing a michel thomas course (or indeed any single course). There is plenty of time for grammer and dull tedium (aka listening comprehensions) once you've finished the course and you've gained a love of the language. 350c69d7ab




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